July 21, 2017

Making Dough With Home Sharing: How A Small Pie Company Became Part Of The ‘Airbnb Business Cycle’

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Emily and her sister, Melissa My sister, Melissa, and I grew up in a small town in South Dakota where we worked in a restaurant owned by our mother and aunt, and where our grandmother made all the pies. I moved to Brooklyn in 1999, and after a decade living and working professionally here, my sister joined me in NYC and we decided to launch our own pie business, Four & Twenty Blackbirds.

Our goal was simple: to bring the homespun, handmade quality of our grandmother’s pie from the small town of Hecla (population: 227) to the City that Never Sleeps (population: 8 million).

Today we have five locations in the metropolitan New York Area, a successful cookbook, and a loyal following of pie lovers.

As entrepreneurs in one of the most competitive cities in the world, success requires that so many factors (a combination of the tangible and the intangible) come together. As we look back on our failures and triumphs, Airbnb has played an important role along the way.

I became an Airbnb host to help cover my monthly rent and to supplement what I earned from our business. My sister and I own 100% of our business and that means, […]

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