July 25, 2017

Local residents ready to hitch a ride on Uber, Lyft

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Image Courtesy of Lyft

When Dane Danovskis moved to San Francisco nine months ago, he had a tough time finding work that paid well enough to cover the high cost of living — until his roommate told him about ride-sharing.

Danovskis, a native of Wheatfield, signed up with Lyft and quickly turned it into a full-time gig, driving riders from point A to point B for 34 to 40 hours a week, making anywhere from $1,100 to $1,300. He said the potential to make good money while also essentially being his own boss is what first drew him to the concept.

"The biggest benefit is that I didn’t have to leave the house until I decided to," he said, adding that sometimes his passengers needed rides to places he was already going. "Some days I could work it into my daily routine."

Ride-sharing services involve drivers who operate through a cell phone application, which connects them to nearby individuals who are in need of a ride. The drivers can turn their apps on or off depending on when they want to drive and are able to set their own schedules, determining how often they work.

Soon, people across Western New York will have the same opportunity. Now […]

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