July 20, 2017

Hypnotherapist rebounds from career crisis with full-time focus on Udemy

Back in 2014, Dan Jones of West Sussex, UK, stumbled upon Udemy in a typical fashion. He’d been offering videos about hypnosis for years on YouTube, had a Facebook fan page, and was running ads, but he wasn’t making money from these activities.

Like others before him, Dan didn’t want to pay someone else to set up his online courses if they weren’t going to perform any better. He saw Udemy as a low-risk option that would let him do the work himself and be in control of his content. At the time, there were only two other hypnosis-related courses in the Udemy marketplace, and they were very different from Dan’s. He launched his first course, “ Certificate in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy ,” announced it to his Facebook followers, shared a coupon, and got some quick sales.

His next two courses (on self-publishing and solution-focused therapy ) didn’t attract as much interest, but Dan wasn’t as intent on revenue back then and was satisfied to bring in about $300/month without any additional effort. Hypnosis had been a personal passion of Dan’s since he was a teen watching famous British TV personality Paul McKenna , but it wasn’t his full-time job.

Dan was building […]

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