July 25, 2017

How dangerous is Uber driving/riding?

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Some notable crimes have been committed by Uber drivers and against Uber drivers, leaving people on both sides wondering how safe it is.

San Francisco-based Uber Technologies Inc. operates in more than 570 cities worldwide. Uber drivers generally use their own cars, though drivers can also rent cars to drive for Uber.

Uber and its competitor, Lyft, both keep records of ride-related incidents, but they have not made the numbers publicly available.

Though driver are independent contractors and are not taxi drivers, the statistics are logically similar to those for cab drivers.

"Taxi drivers are more than 20 times more likely to be murdered on the job than other workers," the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration said in 2010. The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that of 3,200 taxi drivers who were hurt or killed on the job, 180 suffered injuries caused by a violent person in 2014.Anecdotally, numerous crimes have been committed against Uber drivers as well as crimes committed by Uber drivers that have been reported by news agencies across the country.An Uber driver in Southern California was attacked and killed, and a Detroit driver crashed into a tree after being shot twice, both in March 2016.An […]

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