July 21, 2017

Grab eyes Myanmar growth

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By Grab (Grab official website) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

A Myanmar taxi driver using Grab application. THOUGH THE TAXI-HAILING service is still a relatively new concept in Myanmar, Grab, the leading ride-hailing firm in Southeast Asia, has revealed its ambitious target of attracting everyday taxi users in Yangon to book taxis through their app.

Cheryl Goh, group vice president of marketing at Grab, said in an exclusive interview that there is a huge opportunity to introduce technology that can solve the problem of unreliable public transport.

“Public transport infrastructure is still developing, and there can be more safe and reliable public transport options. At the same time, Myanmar is young and we believe open to sharing economy services,” she said.

The firm launched its beta trial of taxi-hailing service in Myanmar on March 21.

Goh said that they are now focusing on their trial to ensure that its taxi service is running smoothly, once they are ready to launch fully to the public.

“We are currently working with a small group of taxi drivers. The beta trial will scale up gradually to allow Grab to test and improve the GrabTaxi service in Yangon, based on driver and passenger feedback,” she said.“At this time, we are gathering feedback from our drivers and passengers. […]

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