July 25, 2017

GM, Lyft and Otto on the future of mobility

Lyft amp
Image Courtesy of Lyft

If recent trends continue, we will be driven into a transportation future that is increasingly shared, connected, on-demand, electric and autonomous. How humankind’s quality of life will change due to these technological innovations, however, is up for debate.

Robin Chase, co-founder of Zipcar has warned that, if we don’t prepare, we could end up in a nightmare of more congested cities with a dearth of tax revenue to maintain roads and massive job loss pegged to automation. On the flip-side, society could end up with safer roads, more convenient commutes, cleaner air and additional urban space as parking spaces become obsolete.

Beyond commonplace, and natural, concerns about health, safety and convenience, it still remains that one person’s utopia can be another’s dystopia. One person may laud that more data and connectivity will lead to more efficient and convenient mobility, even while another shudders at the prospect of having their every movement tracked.

The world of transportation is changing rapidly and the future is uncertain. These five videos from recent GreenBiz events provide a peek into the future of transportation as understood by people that are building it. 1. The (R)evolution of the car company

Many predict that the end of widespread car […]

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