July 21, 2017

Gig economy will one day make us ‘eat bitterness’: Mallick

Who’s got his back? UberEATS making time along Toronto’s Waterfront Trail. Consumers who only care about speed undercut the basis of a rewarding economy. When is a job not a job? When is it a gig? When will all jobs be gigs?

The gig economy spreads internationally like butter on toast. Ask Foodora, Roadie, Grubhub, Saucey or Favor, all delivery services with cutesy names and very few employees. Ask Deliveroo , invented in 2013 in London by an American investment banker and now operating in 140 cities in 12 countries.

Will Shu wanted food delivered when he worked late nights at Morgan Stanley, but London couldn’t live up to New York standards. Deliveroo! Shu raised nearly US$500 million from investors, as reported by The Guardian, a newspaper that regularly and politely asks readers for donations lest it have to build a paywall that shuts out poor readers, such as Deliveroo “riders.”

People who worship the god of cheap will not buy journalism or cook food or go to a restaurant. They value speed above all. The gig economy chips away at other people’s benefits, pay, delivery charges. It works beautifully up to a point, when companies cut costs so hard that […]

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