July 25, 2017

Don’t clock on, ‘log in’! How Deliveroo speaks to couriers in ‘gibberish’ phrases designed to dodge giving them workers’ rights

Detail of Deliveroo bike and cargo box parked in city with cafe terrace restaurant in the bakground to deliver on time the food to the client
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Takeaway delivery firm Deliveroo has created a ‘gibberish’ language of terms critics say are designed to avoid giving their workers’ rights.

The firm has banned its staff from using words that might give the impression its riders and drivers are employees, allowing the company to save on sick pay, pensions and holiday pay.

Couriers are referred to as ‘independent suppliers’ rather than staff members, and managers should use the word ‘onboarding’ instead of ‘hiring’, a training document reveals.

Staff are told to ‘indicate their availability’ using a system called ‘Staffomatic’ rather than asked when they can work.

Deliveroo has 1,000 employed staff but 15,000 self-employed ‘riders’ around the UK. Deliveroo has come under fire for creating a bizarre lexicon of terms to avoid giving workers the impression they are employed. This allows them to avoid paying sick pay and pensions A cross-party Commons committee has also revealed how ruthless so-called ‘gig economy’ firms like minicab app Uber, Deliveroo and Amazon require drivers to sign a gagging clause whereby they agree not to challenge their self-employed status.

By agreeing to be classified as self-employed, drivers waive their entitlement to the most basic benefits enjoyed by employees such as holiday and sick pay.The firms also avoid […]

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