July 23, 2017

Don’t Become the Latest Airbnb Victim: How to Protect Yourself

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AIMSTOCK/iStock Websites like Airbnb have been a dream for the millions of folks eager to earn extra cash renting out spare bedrooms or summer homes. But it can also seem risky—after all, you’re letting a stranger into your home. Airbnb has offered some solace by serving up guest reviews supplied by previous "landlords." It may not be as effective as hiring a detective to follow around a would-be guest, or administering lie-detector tests, but it provides some sense of whether someone will be nice and polite—or trash the place.

However, just like Yahoo, Sony, your microwave, and your Roomba, your Airbnb reviews could become a target of hackers.

The BBC reported several cases of cybercriminals who took over highly rated Airbnb guest accounts, booked stays under assumed names, and then stole whatever they could from the rental homes. It’s not known how prevalent the scam is, but it prompted Airbnb to announce it had upgraded its security as a result.

"As our global community continues to grow, we remain vigilant of the ways bad actors are looking to take advantage," wrote co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Nate Blecharczyk in a blog post. The site advertises more than 3 million listings in nearly […]

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