July 21, 2017

Does Airbnb stand a chance in China?

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Airbnb is apparently ‘doubling down’ on China by relaunching the company with a new Chinese brand name (ài bi yíng) and increasing headcount in the country.

Reaction to the new name has been mixed, however, and many are already comparing the company’s strategy with other brands who previously failed in China. So, is Airbnb going to struggle too?

The story of a Western brand making a big announcement about launching in China and then withdrawing after a couple of years of disappointing results is on the verge of becoming a cliché.

Recent examples of this tale of woe abound: ASOS : Which blew £10m trying to launch its own Chinese ecommerce site in 2014 and finally withdrew in April 2016.

Delivery Hero : Which pulled out of China last year as well due to immense competition, laying off 400 staff in the country.

Uber : Whose truce with Didi Chuxing in August essentially ended its adventures in China. Hope, however, springs eternal and with its recent $1bn funding , Airbnb’s executives are almost certainly on the hook to conquer the world, including China. Will Airbnb succeed where others have failed? Or will the firm join the long list of other Western […]

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