July 21, 2017

Despite Delivery, Sugarfish is Still Pretty Hard to Get

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@jessielmorris/Instagram A Sugarfish delivery order Word that the four-hour wait at flaming hot LA sushi import Sugarfish can be skipped with delivery was welcome news , but alas, it turns out the sushi gods only give with one hand. Last week, demand for Sugarfish delivery was so high that delivery service DoorDash had to cancel a bunch of orders .

When Eater tried to order on Thursday, we didn’t get a call until more than an hour after the order was placed, with DoorDash claiming that the kitchen no longer had the capacity to make the sushi. New York resident Sarah Williamson tweeted about a Sugarfish issue and tells Eater that she also tried to order on Thursday but was not informed until two hours later that the restaurant couldn’t fulfill it. The cancellation came after DoorDash had already told her that her sushi order was in progress. “It was brutal,” Williamson says.

A spokesman from DoorDash explains that they help restaurants plan for delivery by looking at past performance, but last week, the delivery service received more than three times the number of orders from the previous week. The kitchen at Sugarfish, which only has one location in New York, […]

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