July 25, 2017

Could this be your dream Derbyshire Airbnb holiday home?

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Durham House in Wirksworth. Comments (0)

Many Derby people will be staying at home during the Easter break or will choose to holiday locally, according to new research.

A recent poll of almost 3,000 Brits conducted for outdoor retail experts GO Outdoors, revealed that staycations were top of the to-do list for weary families seeking respite and relaxation.

Some 81% of those polled stated that travelling abroad caused excess stress, with half stating that staycations removed much of their stress all together. The lounge at Durham House. The research also found that the fresh air, family time and minimal travel left 87% of Brits happier, healthier, and sleeping better on a domestic holiday.

So, if you are thinking of booking a staycation on your doorstep here in Derbyshire have you ever thought of trying Airbnb? The online marketplace enables people to rent short-term holiday rentals, apartment rentals, homestays, hostel beds or hotel rooms. There’s room for up to 12 to stay at Durham House. For example, you could stay at Durham House in Wirksworth, a three-storey Georgian property owned by Airbnb host Tamsin Ellis. It costs £300 a night but can accommodate up to 12 people. That would work out at £25 […]

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