July 21, 2017

Column: Uber and Lyft provide students an uncomfortable ride

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Image Courtesy of Lyft

In the past two weeks I have had not one, not two, but five different middle-aged male Lyft drivers who all managed to (possibly unintentionally) say or do things that made me notably uncomfortable for the duration of my ride with them.

As a student whose sole form of transportation is my bike, in order to avoid the dangers of riding home alone in the dark on the nights I stay late in the library or for a review session, I take a Lyft or Uber home.

From time to time, I become more lax on this policy of mine, when I can’t spend the money or when I stupidly forget that I am a constant target, simply by being young and female. But then something happens, and I am reminded of just how real the terror is of being alone, outside, in the dark.

So, usually I find my best course of action to be taking a Lyft or Uber home. Last week, I had a Hebrew test on Monday, a law and morality test on Tuesday, a neuroscience test on Thursday, and a chemistry test on Friday; hence, I spent nearly every night in the library until the wee hours […]

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