June 24, 2017

Better Than Zero to take on Deliveroo amid claims workers earn just £4.50 per hour

Campaigners plan to target Deliveroo after survey raised questions about employment practices

Better Than Zero, an activist group which led successful campaigns against Las Iguanas and Sports Direct for underpaying and overworking staff, is now working with Deliveroo workers in Glasgow and Edinburgh to fight back against what it says are exploitative work practices enacted by the company.

The group, which was praised by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for its “vibrant and engaging action” when he spoke at the STUC conference on Monday, is determined to build on victories against zero hours contracts to securing better employment conditions for Deliveroo workers.

The food delivery company is accused of abusing the self-employed status of its workers to avoid paying them a minimum wage, misleading people about how much flexibility the workers actually have, and charging workers £150 to purchase the necessary safety equipment from the company itself.

Better Than Zero spokesperson Bryan Simpson said: “For us, Deliveroo is the most extreme example of precarious employment and poverty pay within the gig economy.”

Deliveroo is a big presence in the new gig economy. Similar to the transportation company Uber, Deliveroo doesn’t hire workers on fixed contracts. Instead, it treats workers as self-employed contractors, claiming […]

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