July 21, 2017

At Volkswagen, change still comes slowly

The Sedric concept is the first VW vehicle designed for level 5 autonomous driving(Photo: VW) There is some irony here: The Volkswagen Group battled for years under an autocratic leadership to become the world’s biggest automaker and did not shy away from disreputable practices on the way. Its widespread cheating on diesel emissions, which came to light in 2015, is a case in point. Now it has met its growth target at a time when it is battling to overcome the greatest crisis in its history.

The VW Group delivered 10.3 million vehicles (up 3.8 percent compared to 2015) worldwide in 2016, pushing archrival Toyota from its throne. The “biggest automaker” label does not disguise the fact that the company has to reposition itself at its core. CEO Matthias Mueller recognizes this and has initiated a far-reaching overhaul of the company’s core objectives. The plan is called “Together – Strategy 2025” and it focuses heavily on electric mobility, digital networking and autonomous driving.

But implementing change at the northern German carmaker, which employs more than 600,000 people worldwide, has always been tough and today’s long list of new objectives underlines how difficult the transformation will be.

VW’s to-do list

Investment and […]

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