July 25, 2017

AirBnB’s popularity adds to short-term rentals debate in West Michigan

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WEST MICHIGAN – AirBnB, an online rental marketplace that has become a go-to place for those seeking vacation and business rentals, allows travelers to scan available homes for rent in specific areas and quickly book a time.

These AirBnB customers are asked to share who will be staying at the rental space, why they are visiting and acknowledge the rules.

After that, the website takes the renter’s payment and the details are sent to the homeowner to confirm the stay.

It’s a relatively simple process that likely spurred its quick rise in popularity around the world, including West Michigan.

What’s not so simple is the role it’s played in the surge of short-term rentals – some listed through more traditional property-management companies and others via AirBnB – and the increasing complaints voiced to governmental officials. Those complaints by year-round residents have led to additional regulations being considered by several West Michigan communities. Many of these West Michigan communities dealing with the issue of short-term rentals are trying to strike a balance of tourism, which is a key component of the regional economy, and maintaining the residential, neighborhood feel. Some say that short-term renters are more apt to produce too much noise, an unwelcome […]

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