July 21, 2017

Airbnb-style rentals, for those who like a good toke

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This story from the spring 2016 issue of CNET Magazine originally ran online on May 29, 2016. It’s been updated slightly with some current figures. We thought our readers would enjoy it for this year’s "420" celebrations.

Deborah Button doesn’t want to be late for the "stoner Bible study" group she founded seven months earlier, where people consume marijuana before immersing themselves in that week’s topic. Still, she takes the time to explain to me the appeal of the bed-and-breakfast she owns 8 miles outside of Denver.

"We have bongs, vape pens, vapes — all the [marijuana] accoutrements that you could dream of," says Button. "Sometimes, we’ll [put] out 50 rolled joints. It’s like a candy shop in the house."

A self-described conservative soccer mom, Button voted against two statewide bills to permit marijuana use in Colorado before it became legal for adults in 2014. That’s also about the time Button started meeting tourists with multiple sclerosis, lupus and other chronic conditions who came to Colorado to relieve their symptoms with pot.

Those encounters made Button more compassionate — and entrepreneurial. The former high school teacher is now a full-time B&B hostess welcoming tourists to her five-bedroom, four-bathroom house to smoke from […]

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