July 20, 2017

Airbnb regulations back on the table

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LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Tippecanoe County’s plans to enact regulations on transient housing properties, like Airbnb, were put on hold earlier this year as a piece of legislation, HB 1133 , made it’s way through the Indiana State Legislature.

The law would have prohibited local governments from banning or severely curtailing the operation of Airbnb and transient rental properties, but it recently met with failure.

The death of this legislation has been met with relief from parties on both sides of the local Airbnb debate.

Tippecanoe County’s Area Plan Commission introduced regulations in January that would have limited Airbnb activity within the county. The proposed regulations were met with strong resistance from area Airbnb hosts and the APC decided to go back to the drawing board .

Attempts to reformulate these regulations, however, were stymied when the APC and County Commissioners discovered a bill might pass at the state level, negating any local level regulations.

Sallie Fahey, executive director of the APC, said waiting to see what would happen at the state level regarding Airbnb was frustrating, especially since land use issues should be addressed locally.“When it comes to deciding land use issues the state essentially gave us that authority through its enabling legislation to […]

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