July 21, 2017

Airbnb: Dying to be taxed?

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(Photo by Dion Ogust) Woodstock lawmakers will consider tougher regulations to handle the rise in popularity of short-term rentals while recognizing homeowners’ right to make extra income. Town supervisor Bill McKenna urged the town board to give the policy of enforcing based on complaints — in effect since January — a chance to curb the negative effects of the rise in short-term rentals.

After conversations with rental giant Airbnb, McKenna is more amenable to new legislation. McKenna said he called an Airbnb hotline set up to handle complaints about landlords and tenants, but couldn’t get past the call-center representative to speak with a supervisor. In frustration, he told the representative that maybe he should just outlaw the business altogether.

“Within four hours I got a call from their legal counsel,” he said.

After a productive conversation, and was provided with model legislation, some of it rather strict, that other communities have enacted.

In Portland, Maine, every Airbnb rental has to be registered with the city. There’s a cap of 300 units. Airbnb accounts can be revoked for a year based on a noise complaint.

In many cases, fees paid to the municipality for the right to do business through Airbnb can be substantial. These […]

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