July 21, 2017

6 Singapore Taxi Drivers Reveal The Reality Of How Grab And Uber Have Impacted Their Lives

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By Grab (Grab official website) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Ever since the advent of Uber and Grab, the ride-hailing industry has never been more exciting.

I say ‘exciting’ as a consumer and observer, however, for many taxi drivers, the presence of these competitors is anything but.

On an Uber trip back home recently, the driver revealed to me that he used to get horned at, and also death glares from taxi drivers who realised he was an Uber driver.

“How did they know you’re from Uber? There isn’t a decal for that, isn’t it?”

“I used to have my phone (used to pick up riders and navigation) placed up on my dashboard – that’s how they saw it.”

Of course, the taxi drivers who express their frustration in such aggressive ways are just a few of the many, but it’s also fully understandable why they feel such animosity to the new kids on the road.We reached out to 6 local taxi drivers, and found out what they really feel about Uber and Grab. Image Credit: Mr New Bird *Responses have been edited for clarity and coherence Mr Ong Actually, it was a good idea at first, because they could fill in the demand gaps that the taxis couldn’t […]

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