July 21, 2017

400+ Uber, Lyft drivers win license denial appeals

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Image Courtesy of Lyft

Flickr/5chw4r7z Hundreds of Uber and Lyft drivers who failed state background checks have now successfully appealed their denials, Gov. Charlie Baker said Thursday.

Earlier this month, the Baker administration released the results of the first round of state background checks required for ride-for-hire drivers under a law passed last summer. Of 70,789 drivers who applied through one or more companies, the state denied 8,206 applications.

Rejected drivers are allowed to appeal the decision in certain instances, and Baker said in an interview on WGBH Radio that 400 to 500 people who filed appeals had won them. The new Transportation Network Company Division within the Department of Public Utilities is processing the appeals in seven to 10 days, Baker said.

As of Thursday, 455 of 1,472 appeals had been approved, according to a spokesman for the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, which oversees the DPU.

The denials included 1,640 applications rejected for suspended licenses, 958 listed as "violent crimes," 352 for sex abuse and exploitation, 152 for operating under the influence, 78 habitual traffic offenders and 51 traffic offenders, according to the DPU.

Baker disputed co-host Margery Eagan’s characterization that there were drivers who were denied over "a speeding ticket from 20 years […]

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