July 23, 2017

​Waymo vs. Uber lawsuit — 10 things you need to know

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Filings in the Waymo vs. Uber suit tend to be heavily redacted. The Waymo vs. Uber lawsuit has it all — intrigue, secrecy, powerful players, allegations of theft. It details a story that could come straight from a John Grisham legal thriller.

And it’s just the beginning.

A trial date is set for October, but it’s unclear if the case will even go to trial. A federal judge will decide Thursday whether the case will play out in private arbitration or public court. Uber is pushing for arbitration, while Waymo wants a trial.

Ever since Waymo, which is the self-driving car unit of Google’s parent company Alphabet, filed its lawsuit against Uber in February, both companies have supplied the court with detail-filled documents. While many are heavily redacted, some juicy tidbits have been revealed.

The gist of the case centers on Waymo’s claims that former Google employee Anthony Levandowski stole 14,000 "highly confidential" files before he left to found his own self-driving truck startup. Uber bought that startup, Otto, a few months later. The files in question reportedly contained self-driving car technology that Waymo says Uber used for its autonomous vehicle program.

Uber has called Waymo’s claims "baseless" and "demonstrably false."Here’s a list of […]

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