June 23, 2017

The Rise Of Female Ride-Sharing Services Is A Wake Up Call About Women’s Safety In Public Spaces

Many of us are familiar with the most well-known ride-sharing service: Uber. It has become an industry leader in disrupting the traditional taxi model and landscape. But along with its accolades and successes come a huge downfall, most significantly toward women. Over the past few years there have been a number of disturbing accounts from around the world, where women are being attacked, raped and harassed in the back of an Uber as well as other ride-sharing companies. In countries like India and Pakistan where women’s public safety is already a huge concern , this problem has become the catalyst for female entrepreneurs to start their own ride-sharing and taxi companies, designed to cater to and protect women.

In the US, it is not just public safety that is an issue, but the knowledge of the tech and start-up world being a breeding ground for sexism and harassment in different ways. In a recent blog post on her personal site which went viral , former Uber engineer Susan Fowler shared a detailed account of ongoing discrimination she faced at her job, done mainly to protect the reputation of higher-up male supervisors. The culture of wanting to protect the dominant male […]

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