June 23, 2017

The CEO of the ‘Uber for weed’ says these mints are the next big thing in marijuana

marijuana weed pot 3 (Weed-laced mints could be the future of marijuana.iStock)
A fresh way to consume cannabis is gaining fans in California.

Pot-laced mints that contain as little as 2.5 milligrams of THC, the chemical compound in marijuana that makes users high, began cropping up on dispensary shelves last fall and are gaining favor among users who want to avoid smoking or over-dosing on edibles.

"People who quote-unquote ‘don’t smoke weed’ will definitely eat a cannabis-infused mint," Jim Patterson, CEO of marijuana delivery service Eaze (also known as the " Uber for weed "), tells Business Insider.

Eaze introduced mints by Breez, which are made with oil derived from the marijuana plant, sugar, and peppermint oil, two months ago and have seen positive user feedback. Each mint has five milligrams of THC, the rough equivalent of smoking one-fifth of a joint or less.

It’s a conservative dose for adults who don’t know their tolerance or are consuming for recreational (rather than medical) purposes. Plus, the five-milligram increments make it easy to scale bit by bit and customize your dose depending on the occasion, Patterson explains.
Mints are a natural form-factor for microdosed products because of their size.Kiva Confections, an edibles maker based […]

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