June 23, 2017

Airbnb CFO Calls for More Innovation

ANDREW WALLENDER /THE HOYA The Chief Financial Officer of Airbnb and Georgetown alumnus, Laurence Tosi (COL ’90, LAW ’94, GRD ’94) talked about the need for originality and long-term planning when starting a new business. Airbnb Chief Financial Officer Laurence Tosi (COL ‘90, LAW ‘94, GRD ‘94) stressed the importance of innovation in entrepreneurship and discussed the upcoming launch of City Hosts, the company’s latest service, at a keynote held in the Lohrfink Auditorium on Feb. 9.

More than 300 attendees packed the event, hosted by the Center for Financial Markets and Policy as part of the Stanton Distinguished Leaders Series.

Airbnb refers to itself as a homestay network in which users can book temporary lodging at a variety of residences across the world. City Hosts, which, according to Tosi, will officially launch May 3, is a program that connects Airbnb users with local citizens who can eventually introduce and show them around their cities.

Tosi argued that the current travel industry is rife with bad technology that only creates echo chambers of tourists offering advice to other tourists, leading to inauthentic trips. According to research conducted by Airbnb, travellers look at 30 different websites and spend 15 hours planning travel activities […]

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