June 23, 2017

If you think Uber is an attack on cities and transit, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet

Video screen capture Via Gizmodo who added red circle TreeHugger has long complained about how what started as “the sharing economy” turned into something very different. As for Uber, Gary Legum describes it in Salon as “the ride-sharing technology company that dared to ask, “What if you could order a gypsy cab on your iPhone?” In its short existence, Uber has, in 21st-century business-speak, “disrupted” the taxi industry by turning anyone with a car into a potential cab driver.”

In Slate, Henry Grabar describes how “Cities across the country are cutting public transportation because they think ride-hailing services will fill the gap. They’ll regret it.” He explains how it is being seen as an answer to the answer to the famous “last mile problem”, and being tried out as a way of getting rid of expensive, marginal transit services. The rise of ride-hailing companies is increasingly viewed not as a fix for bad service but as its justification. It is invoked, as you might expect, in bad faith by conservatives who have advocated against public investment for decades. But even pro-transit politicians and officials have begun to see ride-hailing services as an acceptable substitute for public transit. This is not […]

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