June 23, 2017

From Paytm to Ola, five ads that faced backlash on social media in 2016

Hollywood actor Pierce Brosnan, best known for his role as James Bond, drew flak endorsing Pan Bahar. New Delhi: 2016 witnessed brands creating powerful pieces of communication such as Nike Da da ding ad, , Micromax promoting regional languages or Tanishq’s Mia range of jewellery ad that talked about equality for women at work. However, there were few odd campaigns which faced social media ire for either being sexist, insensitive or badly executing a sensitive issue. A look at the campaigns that were withdrawn or modified after being attacked on social media platforms.

Paytm: Cashing in on the opportunity of demonetization of Rs500 and Rs1, 000 currency notes, mobile commerce firm Paytm’s television commercial, created by McCann Delhi, Drama band karo , Paytm karo (Stop being melodramatic, use Paytm) miffed a section of social media users. The company tweaked the ad changing the tagline to Chinta nai, Paytm karo (Do not worry, use Paytm). The original ad featured a visibly angry woman talking about the hardships that demonetization has created especially for daily wage workers or household helps who are often paid in cash.

Jack and Jones: The Danish fashion brand faced the ire of consumers on social media […]

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