June 28, 2017

Airbnb: We Will Work with New York to Protect Affordable Housing

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Airbnb says it wants to cooperate with New York State to fight landlords who use the service to keep apartments off the rental market. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Airbnb is working with municipalities worldwide, including New York City, to create comprehensive regulations that support responsible home sharing, public safety and the integrity of the permanent housing market.

Indeed, contrary to many reports including an article by Steven Hill in the Observer, Airbnb is working cooperatively with cities—from London and Chicago, to Amsterdam and New Orleans—sharing data with regulators to help them enforce local laws, while also implementing features on our website that support sensible home sharing policies.

Right here in New York City, we’re providing monthly public data report and released raw data about our entire New York community in September. Moreover, as part of a recent settlement agreement, the City and Airbnb agreed to “work cooperatively on ways to address New York City’s permanent housing shortage, including through host compliance with Airbnb’s ‘One Host, One Home’ policy.”

Airbnb created One Host, One Home to make sure that home sharing does not remove housing from the market. Under this program, Airbnb limits NYC hosts to a single, entire home listing. Since last November, […]

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