June 23, 2017

Uber claims credit for falling numbers of young drivers

Driving licences for under-25s have fallen by 6.2 per cent Uber has claimed the credit for falling numbers of young drivers, pointing to figures suggesting that the taxi-booking app is one of the key reasons people have give up their cars.

Data from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency showed that the number of driving licences held by under-25s has fallen by 6.2pc in the last four years, from 2.89m in November 2012 to 2.71m in March.

Among 16-30-year-olds, driving licences have fallen by 73,000 in the last four years, despite licences across all age groups rising.

The decline has coincided with the rise of Uber, which markets itself as an alternative to car ownership and is mostly used by young city-dwellers.

The app, which lets users hail a private hire car from their smartphone, has been attacked by critics for adding to congestion in the capital and encouraging people to take cars instead of public transport.

Although the fall in young drivers across the UK could also be down to squeezed incomes or more under-25s living in cities, Uber pointed to YouGov research, carried out on behalf of the company, that suggested the app had played a part. Uber allows smartphone owners to […]

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