July 21, 2017

Arcade City, The Decentralized P2P Services Platform Announces ICO

Arcade City, the blockchain based peer to peer marketplace for various service providers is on its way to realizing its future. The platform has recently launched the ICO of its Arcade City Tokens (ARC) to raise funds for future development.

The Arcade City platform has its origin in the city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire after a group of former Uber and Lyft drivers decided to help the city’s commuters when the taxi services went on strike. The drivers didn’t ask for a fixed fare and the stranded customers were welcome to pay how much ever they wish.

The movement soon became popular, spread across multiple cities and even reached the shores of Australia. Since then, the Arcade City members are constantly developing the network. What started out as a group on social media has now turned into a ride sharing application built over Ethereum blockchain. The upcoming version of Arcade City will be much more than just a ride sharing application.

As a part of its crowdfunding campaign which went live on November 1, 2016, the Arcade City platform will be creating 100 million ARC tokens. Among them, 84% of the tokens will be made available to the investors participating in the […]

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